5 Ways Customer Experience Impacts the B2B Bottom Line

July 24, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog No Comments

B2B companies are seeing the impact of happy online customers—repeat web business has been key to growing sales. For example, industrial supply giant Grainger has found that an easy, well-designed online shopping experience can triple sales by existing customers. A Gartner survey confirms that “Customer Experience is the New Battlefield.” Eighty-nine percent (89%) of companies … Read More

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) | The Future of B2B E-commerce

July 20, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog No Comments

It’s time to dive a little deeper into the options for creating a B2C-like e-commerce experience for your B2B customers. We’ve looked at the unique needs of your B2B customers. Addressing those needs means offering strategic “self-service” options—your B2B customer wants to be able to find product availability, shipping offers, order status, quick ordering (and … Read More

Going Global? 3 Tips for Thinking Local

July 13, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog No Comments

Digital commerce enables traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to grow and reach customers across the country or even across the ocean. EMarketer Inc. projects global e-commerce sales to top $4 trillion by 2020. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region with a 25% year-over-year increase in online sales. Much of the growth is coming from consumers in rural areas purchasing via mobile … Read More

E-merchandising Tools: What Are They & Why Do They Matter?

July 10, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog No Comments

Online shopping offers the variety of options that customers crave, but comes with a clear risk of information overload. It’s no surprise that personalized product recommendations make up a noticeable portion of sales. So, is it time to look into e-merchandising tools that offer more relevant and targeted recommendations? Yes, says Lauren Freedman, president of … Read More

5 Tips to Find and Win the Micro-Moments

July 3, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog No Comments

Micro-moments are critical touch-points in today’s customer journey—they are the moments when a consumer with a smart phone thinks: I need to go somewhere, I need to get something, I need to know the answer to this question right now. Every time someone picks up their phone, there is an opportunity for your company to … Read More

Beyond B2C: The Must-Have E-commerce Features for B2B

May 4, 2017By Jennon HoffmannBlog 1 Comment

Once you understand the motivations and buying habits that separate B2B buyers from B2C shoppers, the next step is structuring your e-commerce site to address the more specific demands of B2B buying. Common E-commerce Features with a B2B Twist You’ll need to use common B2C features but boost functionality to address more complicated B2B buyer needs. … Read More