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Thanx Tech Tip: “No Results” Search Maintenance

During the high traffic times of the year when your Keyword Search solution is being more heavily utilized, it's important to monitor results and react quickly in order to improve search results, which can impact the user experience.

Search Reporting

The best way to understand your Keyword Search is to monitor the behavior and usage via an analytics tool.  Within most analytics tools, there is a way to track what search terms are being submitted and whether or not results are returned.

Why are “No Results” being returned?

Here are some common reasons:

  • New Terminology: Look for terms that are not returning any results because it is new terminology for something that is common in your catalog. 
  • Not in Inventory: Evaluate solutions to maintain a favorable experience when products are out of stock.

What can I do to improve the results?

Here are some ways to configure your search engine to better accommodate search terms that yield “No Results:”

  • Create a Synonym: You can create thesaurus entries to return the results from the search term that is actually present in your catalog.
  • Create a Redirect: For those cases where there is not a direct correlation to particular records in your search engine, you can create a keyword redirect to take the user to a different page entirely.

Particular Navigation State: There may be a category or brand that may interest the user.  Get the URL for that navigation state and use that as a keyword redirect.

Static Landing Page:There may be another page on your website that may provide the user a better experience.  This page could be a submission form to your support team to allow your users to provide more details on what they are looking for.  This could be a product landing page that may give users more options.

For guidance on ideas for how to improve the behavior for no results pages, feel free to contact the Thanx Media Customer Care team at