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Thanx Media's Private Cloud is Now Available

Enjoy exceptional performance and service with your very own private cloud from Thanx Media.

What is a Private Cloud?

Your cloud will be designed to offer the same features and benefits you currently have, but removes a number of objections including control over enterprise and customer data, security issues, and compliancy.  It's the closest you can get to bringing the environment in-house, without actually buying the servers.

Utilize the IT structure that you have right now

Because we're only moving your environment and not changing it, 
there's no need for extra equipment or costs. 

Reduced latency issues

Your Endeca On-Demand technology will actually run faster than it does right now,Speed because it will be located on the same server as your network, cutting down on response time.

Run unlimited updates


Whether you currently run one update a day or 100, you'll have the ability to run as many as you want.  Because your EOD environment and network are able to communicate with each other much easier and quicker, your team doesn't need any help from Thanx Media's support staff - allowing you to manage the updates on your own.


Access to Thanx Media's Managed Service team

Just because you're moving to the private cloud doesn't mean you lose your life-line to the ground.  You'll still have full access Customer_Supportto our support staff and customer service hotline.


Turn-Key implementation

ExpertiseOur Managed Services team will work with your team to make sure that everything is moved over and up and running before turning it over to you. This eliminates any need for special training or know-how from your team.


If you're interested in more information, or would like to speak to a representative about specific benefits of Thanx Media's private cloud solution, fill out your information below: