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ROC Commerce Showcases Powerful, Versatile and Easy-to-Use B2B/B2C Omnichannel Ecommerce Platform at IRCE 2015

CHICAGO, Ill. May 29, 2015 – ROC Commerce today announced  that it will be showcasing its latest version of the company’s  comprehensive, omnichannel ecommerce platform at IRCE 2015, June 2-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Version 7 of ROC provides electronic retailers and business-to-business suppliers with a robust but flexible solution that will easily adapt as their business and technology requirements grow.

Built by a hand-picked team of architects and builders with extensive experience across different e-commerce technologies and customer implementations, the ROC Commerce solution combines the best capabilities and strategies into a modern ecommerce solution platform that facilitates the merchant’s management of the system while providing a satisfying and consistent experience for the consumer across all channels and devices. Merchants can more easily control the customer experience, sponsor online promotions, manage inventory, and execute marketing initiatives. Consumers, meanwhile, get the easy-to-use search, navigation, checkout and transactional tools they need to find and purchase the merchandise they want whether they are using a desktop, tablet or phone, leading to better conversion rates for the electronic retailer.

Flexible and Future-Proof
ROC Commerce provides a flexible ecommerce platform that enables B2C and B2B site operators to meet the technological and business demands of today and add functionality for their future needs without costly and timely site redevelopment and reconstruction. With ROC Commerce’s API-first technology platform and open architecture, new technologies can easily be incorporated to provide the agility needed to adapt to changing market conditions and objectives while protecting their technology investments from obsolescence. It makes integrating virtually any existing system, software or data source fast and straightforward.
The solution is also powerful and scalable, enabling electronic retailers and suppliers to easily manage product catalogs with millions of SKUs while keeping their sites up and running during peak transactional periods. It includes all the features of a modern ecommerce platform and continues to seamlessly incorporate new functionality based on today and tomorrow’s ecommerce requirements.
“ROC can be summed up in one word: complete," said Victor Yacaman, E-commerce Director at Leonisa. “It provides the strength and adaptability and ease-of-use Leonisa needed to expose and sell its merchandise to new regional markets. In less than 30 minutes, I can build, customize, and personalize a new page ready to be pushed live. The CMS is so easy to use, I’ve never once had to call somebody for an explanation,” Yacaman said.

Feature-Rich and Easy to Use
The platform brings additional platform capabilities such as:
  • An integrated product content management system that provides a single version of the truth (e.g., consistent pricing and promotions) and helps to showcase all of a commerce site’s products
  • A web content management system that empowers users of any skill level to add and update attractive Web content with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface
  • Innovative site search and navigation that allows one-to-one easy customization of dynamic landing pages and navigation for a unified and relevant customer experience across devices and channels without involving the IT department
  • Advanced promotion tools that make it easy to deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time
  • Search engine optimization tools such as customer URLs, page titles, meta-descriptions and an auto-generated XML sitemap to make it easy for search engines to find an ecommerce site
  • Order management and checkout capabilities help to increase conversions by offering full visibility to all activities from purchase to fulfillment, making it easy for the ecommerce web team to manage every step of the order management cycle
  • Reporting and analytics functions provide insights into sales, conversions, and the way shoppers engage with the site
“The new version 7 platform offers the functionality and control that most low-end and home-grown solutions cannot,” explained Paul Matker, chief executive officer, ROC Commerce. “This, coupled with the solution’s ease of use and flexibility, empower our customers to exploit immediate sales opportunities as well as adapt to future ecommerce developments.”
The solution can be deployed quickly and inexpensively in as little as several months and at a fraction of the time and cost of other alternative ecommerce platforms. Along with ROC implementation partners, ROC Commerce also offers a professional consulting team with experiencein designing solutions and strategies that produce strong revenue, increase profitability and deliver a return on investment.

About ROC Commerce
ROC Commerce is a powerful and highly intuitive omni-channel ecommerce software platform that enables B2B and B2C ecommerce vendors to make their products easier to find and to purchase. It has been selected by over 300 companies around the world, powering thousands of sites, and the ROC Commerce services team has worked with thousands of companies to implement high performance solutions. For more information, contact ROC at, , or 630-469-2929.

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