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Thanx Media Introduces: Site Social for Facebook

GLEN ELLYN, Ill.June 07, 2011--()--Online retailers need to have their product catalog as accessible as possible. Going beyond the traditional website, online retailers need to capture the attention of their customers through social networks. To take advantage of a growing Facebook fan base, Thanx Media provides the Site Social for Facebook application. Online retailers can now provide a robust shopping experience on their Facebook Fan page with no IT effort.

Paul Matker, CEO of Thanx Media describes the unique advantages this way: “We heard the market place asking for a way to generate more sales and revenue from their social media efforts. So, in an effort to satisfy this need and compliment our site search and mobile offerings, our team created Site Social, which put’s your products in front of your Facebook friends. By allowing your customers to view every available product on Facebook, it not only increases the number of touch points you have with customers, but also takes the social aspect even further. Shoppers can see what other shoppers are doing at the same time. Trending search terms and real-time activity are some ways we want to enrich ecommerce on social networks.”

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods (, an early adopter, saw a competitive advantage in direct result of implementing Site Social. When interviewed, Ian Rutherford, President and Founder of Aquinas and More said, “The major benefit we saw in Thanx Media’s Site Social solution was the ability to bring our web store to social media platforms. We realized that we had this quickly growing fan base following us who were also potential customers, but they had to go the extra mile, by leaving Facebook to go to our website to view our merchandise. With Site Social, we’ve bridged this gap by offering our customers the opportunity to view our products and socially interact with us all in one place.”

Another major advantage of Site Social lies in the consumer’s ‘social’ mindset, which means that when people see other peers buying or commenting on a particular item or items, it makes it that much more interesting to casual viewers. According to Mr. Rutherford, “We really like the fact that people on our Facebook page can ‘like’ certain products and can share their positive reviews with people who know nothing about our store and get them interested in our store as well. We see this as a great way of getting customers off the fence and into the shopping cart.”

If you would like to learn more about Site Social for Facebook or see how it can easily expose your catalog on your Facebook page, please contact the Thanx Media sales team at: (630) 469-2929 or

About Aquinas and More Catholic Goods

Aquinas and More Catholic Goods is the largest on-line Catholic store and is unique in its “no China” policy and to provide its “Good Faith Guarantee” that everything it sells is in conformity with the Catholic Faith. Aquinas and More is a leading supplier of Catholic Books and Bibles as well as First Communion gifts and church supplies. Aquinas and More has a retail store located in Colorado Springs, CO. Learn more at:

About Thanx Media

Thanx Media is an enterprise solutions company that focuses on providing integrated solutions for B2C and B2B online retailers. The Deliver Commerce Framework, which identifies business problems and recommends the appropriate solutions, continues to fuel Thanx Media's growth. These solutions are proven to improve conversion rates, increase revenue per order and boost customer retention. Thanx Media delivers the unexpected with best-of-breed products, industry best practices and a focused attention to business needs. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Thanx Media is a private company with North American operations. For more information, visit


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