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Customer Experience Management

Deliver a Best-In-Class Customer Experience and Increase Conversions

Businesses today require the ability to be responsive to consumer demands and the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. This requires technology solutions and tools that put the control of the user experience into the hands of business users.

Internal customization projects can take IT months to complete and often-times the requirements have changed by the time the development is done.

The ability to be agile and quickly customize and personalize the user experience is becoming increasingly important. There’s no need to settle for a less than optimal customer experience; we offer three unique solutions that help you deliver a customer experience that differentiates you from the competition.

Site Search Solutions

Turn your site search solution from a source of frustration for your customers to a valuable tool that provides relevant results and increases conversions and average order values.

Hawk Search

Hawk search is an open source solution designed to meet the needs of businesses with limited IT resources who want to deliver a customer experience that competes with the big guys. The Hawk Search development team is constantly innovating and adding new features and functionality.

The out of the box functionality includes:
  • Intelligent Search
  • Category Navigation
  • Dynamic Breadcrumbs
  • Banner Campaigns
  • Spelling Suggestions
  • Tenses and Plurals
  • Smart AutoComplete
  • Merchandising
  • Site Search Reports and Analytics
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Oracle Endeca

Oracle Endeca is an industry leading site search and merchandising solution that enables businesses to manage and deliver a world-class Customer Experience. This state of the art site search technology is available in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model and can be configured to address your specific user experience goals.

Oracle Endeca Commerce provides flexible, cloud-based solutions that offer businesses increased internal control over the customer experience positions them to move closer to a streamlined, consistent Omni-brand experience.

It puts business users in control and enables them to:
  • Deliver promotions in real-time
  • Create dynamic landing pages
  • Deliver specified merchandising
  • Target content
  • Gain product intelligence
  • Optimize experiences
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Whatever your business needs are, we’re here to help you make managing the Customer Experience easier and grow your business.

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