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Data Gathering

Automate Your Data Gathering Process

Are you looking for solutions to any or all of the data collection business challenges below?

How do I...
  • Automate the process of data collection from multiple Internet resources such as manufacturer and competitor websites, web services, and social networks?
  • Add details and information to the products on my website that are not available in my current data feeds?
  • Eliminate the manual effort associated with researching multiple resources for product attributes?
  • Incorporate expert reviews and social media content into my website?
  • Provide user guides and product instructions to my customers without having to create them?
  • Add detailed product specifications to my website without writing them?
  • Become an authoritative site for the products on my site?
  • Include multiple product images on my site without having to invest in endless hours of photography?
  • Optimize my website for SEO and drive online revenue through natural search results?
  • Make my website 'top of mind’ and the ‘go-to’ resource for the products I sell?
It’s more important than ever to have fresh, accurate and complete data about your products online.  Additionally, it’s become essential to have your entire product offering available on your website.
Consumers today are smart and well-versed in shopping online. They are looking for and know how to find the information they require to evaluate and make a purchase decision.  
Basic product descriptions and prices aren’t enough.  They want detailed product specifications, alternate and high quality images, user guides and instructions, and they want to know what the experts are saying.
The volume and availability of information has created a major challenge for Ecommerce professionals. Traditional data collection methods for a website are not cost effective.  They are manual, time consuming, and error prone.  By the time the data is processed and added to the site, it is likely to be outdated and inaccurate.

"Content is King" isn’t just a saying it’s a critical success factor when it comes to:

  • Delivering an Excellent Customer Experience
  • Improving product "findability"
  • Creating product pages that convert
  • Supercharged SEO
  • Being an authoritative source
  • Continuously updating with fresh content
  • Being the first place destination 
  • Being a visionary in your space
  • Managing and Monitoring Your Brand
  • Expanding competitive research
  • Monitoring resellers to ensure compliance
  • Knowing what is being said about your products and brand
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