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Big Data Integration Tools

Big Data Integration Solution

Information overload has reached a new high. It’s now possible to gather data from more sources than ever before. Internal systems provide data points about sales performance, productivity, and profitability. The internet makes it possible to gather competitive intelligence and consumer sentiment in real time.

The data you need to make data-driven business decisions and improve your competitive position comes in both structured and unstructured formats. Data sources include everything from PDF’s and emails to internal data bases, social networks, competitor websites, manufacturer data feeds, and cloud applications.

Our solution:
  • Automates the collection of both structured and unstructured data from virtually any source
  • Cleanses and normalizes data and reduces the need for manual intervention and review
  • Integrates the data collected into any internal database making it easily accessible for analysis
  • Outputs data into an easy to use format
  • Accelerates a data-driven decision making strategy by collecting competitive intelligence
  • Enables getting the right data to the right department at the right time
Market Intelligence: You can rapidly gain insights through both structured and unstructured data about:
  • Trends in your industry
  • Your competitors pricing and merchandising strategies
  • Consumer sentiments  - social media and brand monitoring
  • Updates to compliance and regulatory policies and procedures
  • Brand reputation
  • Reseller activities
Content Integration: Streamline processes, enhance data integrity, and increase speed to market with seamless data integration across multiple systems:
  • Content migration
  • Onboard new data
  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain integration
There is a wealth of competitive intelligence through expert reviews, product scores, and user generated content. Tap into the goldmine of information available to help you improve your competitive edge through data-driven decisions and strategies.

A unique data collection and integration solution which helps businesses streamline processes and harness the power of big data is key.
Contact us today and see how we can help you automate your data collection methods.