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Hawk Search SEO Booster

SEO Search engine friendly URLs are a standard feature of Hawk Search. SEO Booster uses Hawk Search’s Intelligent Search to learn from visitor’s site behavior to expose additional unique content to search engines and improve SEO. btn_hawk_casestudy

How SEO Booster Works:
  • Site search behavior is tracked and analyzed
  • SEO Booster creates a search term cloud based on the most popular searches
  • SEO Booster generates links to a results page with a unique search engine friendly URL
This content can be indexed by the search engines and help increase visibility in organic search results.

Search Term Cloud:
  • Every search term is logged and analyzed
  • The search cloud is updated with new search terms
  • The size of the font is updated dynamically based on the popularity of the search term
  • The search term cloud can be implemented anywhere on a website as an additional navigation element
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