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Hawk Search White Paper

Site Search has arguably become the single most important part of a website, because:

  • It accounts for over 30% of the activity on a website
  • It's part of the shopping experience in over 40% of online purchases
  • 80% of visitors will abondon a site as a result of a poor Site Search experience
  • 95% of searchers never go past the first page of results

Optimizing the eCommerce experience is one of the most important challenges facing eCommerce professionals today.  Because Site Search is so important, many businesses are evaluating the pros and cons of implementing a third party search solution.

Key drivers behind such an initiative often include a desire to:

  • Increase conversion rates and average order value by enhancing the customer experience
  • Meet evolving customer expectations through improved merchandising
  • Better connect online and mobile channels
  • Improve competitive positioning