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Merchandising Site Search to Increase Conversions

Create, Optimize, and influence the customer experience through dynamic merchandising

Hawk Search provides an easy to use merchandising workbench that puts the merchandising team in charge of the customer experience. Merchandisers have the ability to create custom promotions, highlight specific products, and produce dynamic landing pages.

Tailor Merchandising Rules – merchandisers can use any combination of the following parameters to create highly targeted promotions and increase the relevancy of site search results and landing pages.
  • Source of visit –  dynamically change the content of a landing page based on the marketing campaign, e.g. paid search, email, organic search, or banner advertising
  • Location of visitor – Hawk search retrieves the exact location of a visitor within a few milliseconds, enabling merchandisers to feature winter coats to shoppers in Chicago and short sleeve shirts to shoppers in Florida during cold weather months.
  • Precedence Rules – fine tune search results through precedence settings. Merchandisers can simulate search results before going live.
Merchandising Site Search Results – Hawk Search’s merchandising workbench is easy to use and provides merchandisers with multiple tools to improve search results.
  • Custom Banners – create and display merchandising banners that match the source and demographic of your visitors.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages – Define custom landing pages and
  • Redirects – implement redirects and display a custom landing page for search queries that generate overwhelming results.
  • No Results Page – fine tune the “no results page” to make it easy for people to find alternatives.
  • Rules Based Merchandising – easily create and test rules based on any combination of parameters including the category selected by the visitor.
  • A/B testing – improve the performance of site search by A/B testing merchandising rules.
  • Intelligent Search – learn from customer behavior to improve merchandising.
  • Thesaurus – improve the power of your results by incorporating synonyms
Reporting and Analytics – Your merchandising team will have easy access to important search analytics data that will enable them to make data-driven decisions to improve conversions and increase average order value.
  • Search Query Tracking
  • Click Through Tracking
  • Popular search terms
  • No results search queries
  • Visitor and traffic insights
Contact us and learn more about how Hawk Search can help you implement a merchandising strategy that is easy to implement and manage.