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Site Boost

Automated SEO

Discover new traffic without spending money on paid listings

Online retailers are already spending millions of dollars on paid listings, email campaigns, or affiliate marketing. To supplement those efforts, Site Boost is an automated way to collect traffic that no one can focus on; such as misspellings, long tail searches, and partial part numbers.

These keywords and phrases are leveraged to increase the visibility of the site. Also, these Site Boost links reside on your domain so they are seen as more trustworthy by spiders and prospects.

Expose Never-Before-Seen Landing Pages

Using your customers' site search behavior, Site Boost analyzes all the activity and builds out links to new and relevant landing pages. For example:

Step 1 Site Boost pages are indexed by major search engines. Misspellings and unique phrases are discovered automatically.
Step 2 Site Boost links will start appearing on natural search listings. Prospects can be typing in the same misspelled words that are on your Site Boost pages.
Step 3 Their destination is a relevant page that can be populated with search results and even targeted merchandising.

Reduces unnecessary clicks

Since prospects land on relevant landing pages, they can make faster purchasing decisions. They are presented with products or articles that match what they are looking for. Your landing pages can also be populated with Add To Cart buttons, educational content, or relevant branding. When tied to the Endeca On-Demand Merchandiser's Workbench, managing these dynamic landing pages is a breeze.

Enable spider-friendly URLs

If you host your user interface pages, Site Boost can support the URLs that you have today. If Thanx Media hosts your user interface pages as part of the Endeca On-Demand offering, we can enable our spider-friendly URL module. Your links will look like static HTML directories instead of dynamic pages with a bunch of parameters.

Indexed by major search engines

Site Boost creates dynamic site maps that augment what the major search engines are already indexing. The links that are contained in these dynamic site maps do not breach any official guidelines nor confuse your users.

Contact us to learn how to add Site Boost to your site.