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Oracle Endeca Experience Manager Upgrade

Partner with Thanx Media to simplify the upgrade path

The migration from Page Builder to Experience Manager will deliver advanced functionality that will enhance the customer experience and enable a truly Omni-channel solution. All migrations must be complete by June 2014 in order to continue receiving Oracle Endeca Support. Learn more in the Oracle Lifetime Support Policy.

With over 75 years of combined Endeca experience, we’re well equipped to help you through your migration by helping you plan for:
  • Developing custom cartridges and template for the new Experience Manager code base
  • Migrating content from Page Builder to Experience Manager
  • Identifying  and addressing potential pitfalls

Key Experience Manager Upgrade Factors:

  • Custom cartridges and templates - you'll need to allow time to develop custom cartridges and templates for the new code base. Additionally, there is now a need for new cartridge handlers that did not previously exist.
  • Communication paths between components has changed - the communication path between Assembler API, MDEX, and Web Application has been updated and will require changes to the web application.
  • Rule groups are now obsolete - rule groups that are in place in your current configuration will need to be re-organized post-migration.
  • Content migration is a manual task - there isn't an automated way to migrate content from the old environment to the new one. (While this seems like a pain, it also presents a great opportunity to clean house and improve the integrity of your data)
  • Oracle's migration scripts are robust but not all-inclusive- the migration scripts don't handle end-to-end updates of all Page Builder configurations and rules.

Education will be required to learn about:

  • The communication path between Assembler API, MDEX, and Web Applications
  • Content collections and how to work with them
  • The Architectural changes and their implications
  • As with any major migration, planning and design are the key to success and there's no need to go it alone.
Trust your migration to the experts. The Thanx Media Endeca Professional Services team has helped hundreds of companies with Endeca implementations and upgrades.

Contact Us today and let us help make your migration from Page Builder to Experience Manager as smooth as possible.