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Endeca Experience Manager

Enhance the Shopping Experience and Increase Conversions

Control over the online shopping experience is at your finger-tips with Endeca Experience Manager. It’s the only tool that allows non-technical users to use and combine virtually unlimited content and data associations to deliver highly personalized and relevant results.


Product Overview:

  • Deliver relevant experiences dynamically in real-time.
  • Unify unlimited variations of content, product, and customer information to deliver a superior selling experience.
  • Automate selling experiences that drive the best business results and provide value to the customer.
  • Leverage your eCommerce technologies such as analytics, recommendations, and reviews to automatically drive portions of the shopping experience.

Find and implement the right balance between automated and manual content delivery.

Experience Manager Features & Benefits:

  • Omni-channel Experience Management - Integrated management of content and experiences across all channels and devices (desktop, Mobile, and In-Store)
  • Maximize Campaign Effectiveness - Landing pages matching keyword searches and email campaigns convert at a higher rate.
  • Increase Conversion – Customized landing pages can result in a 50% increase in conversion rate.
  • Decrease Bounce Rate – Customers will be less likely to abandon the shopping experience when presented with applicable content and compelling promotions.
  • Adapt to Changes in Business and Industry Trends – Empowered business users can respond to changes in trends and requirements by creating and delivering contextual landing pages easily and rapidly.
  • Pre-built Components and Templates– Deliver better experiences in less time

Thanx Media Offers Options and Solutions

  • Endeca On-Demand - A hosted solution with all of the benefits of a full license without the required up-front investment.
  • Oracle Endeca License - We'll help cut through the red tape and assist with every step of your Oracle Endeca purchase from evaluation to implementation.