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Google Search As You Type

Google Commerce Search's Search As You Type (SAYT)
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Achieve Immediate ROI

Many companies that are recognizing the full benefits of Google Commerce Search (GCS) today have experienced tremendous uplifts in conversion and revenue since implementing SAYT and core search.


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  1. Meet The Requirements

To take advantage of SAYT today, do you have:

  • A Google Merchant account?
  • A Product Feed submitted to Google Shopping?
  • Google Analytics enabled on your website?
  • Choose Services
    • NO COST:  I can do it myself – I don’t need Thanx Media to complete integration.

    • $1,195:  Please help me – I’m willing to pay a one-time fee of $1,195 for help to complete integration
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Here is what recent customers are saying:

"Search as you Type has provided our shoppers with a powerful and interactive search experience, guiding them to the right products quickly. This simple and lightweight enchancement to our existing search is performing beyond our expectations."

- Hasbro

"Site visitors using Google’s search convert to paying customers at a 27.7% higher rate, and contribute 34% in additional revenue."

- Nancy Miller, Vice President of Internet Sales and Development of WoodCraft

Established online stores, such as have shared their success stories as well.