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Hawk Site Search

An on-site search feature is no longer an optional feature, it’s a customer expectation.

Hawk Search Features Include:


Visitor Targets - Target site search results with exceptional precision based on visitor location, source, browser, state, or customized application through our Visitor Targets technology and custom visitor buckets.

Intelligent Search - Updates and personalizes the search results based on a visitors' behaviors.  This breakthrough technology continuously updates results as your visitors search and browse through products on your site.

AutoComplete – Predicts the word or phrase the customer enters in the search box and completes it automatically.

Stemming – Hawk search returns plurals and tenses of terms within the results, eliminating the need to manage this manually.

Misspelling Suggestions – Help your customers find results for commonly misspelled terms by offering them suggestions.

Search Results Functions –

  • Provide shoppers insight into the size of the result set by displaying the number of results for a particular attribute
  • Give consumers the ability to “view more” or “view less” based on the number of attributes returned
  • Allow customers to navigate your site based on attributes such as brand or price
  • Expose more products to potential buyers through “More Like This” links, based on relevancy within the search results page

Banners/Keywords – Ability to assign banner ads or text links to a search term.

Sorting/Ranking Rules – Enable your merchandising team to weight products and incorporate attributes such as margin and brand into returned search results.

Redirect Rule – Redirect search terms to specific landing pages to enhance the customer experience.

Synonyms – Improve the power of your results by incorporating both common and industry specific synonyms in search logic.

Spell Check Override – Gives you the ability to add, edit or delete keyword mappings to specific suggestions.

Stop Words – Gives your team the ability to control any words that should automatically be excluded from a search (i.e. a, an, and, are, as, at, be, but, by).

Reporting -

  • Conversion Tracking Summary Report
  • Search Tracking
    • Top 10 Search Terms
    • Number of Searches (Daily)
    • Average Number of Results (Daily)
    • Keyword List (Daily)
  • Click Tracking
    • Top 10 Search Terms Based on Clicks
  • Ability to View Terms that are being Searched Most Often
  • Other Reports
    • Number of Unique Visitors (Daily)
    • Spelling Suggestions Activity (Daily)
    • Searches with no Results
    • Pagination Activity (Daily)