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Migrate from GCS to Hawk Search FREE for 30 days

It’s been coming for a while; Google is discontinuing Google Commerce Search and will soon be phasing out support for the site search platform. This leaves many on-line retailers facing the challenge of technology migration and looking for a Google Commerce Search Replacement. Site search is one of the most important features for an on-line retailer and the prospect of changing platforms even under the best of circumstances can be difficult.

We want to offer current Google Commerce Search customers a replacement option that makes the migration to a new platform as painless as possible while ensuring there isn’t a loss in functionality.

One of the most recent success stories we love to share is the partnership between Goedeker’s and Hawk Search. Goedeker’s  implemented Hawk Search and almost immediately realized a 30% increase in the use of their site search feature and a 25% increase in site search conversions. Matt Davids, the Director of SEO for Goedeker’s, explains the reason they selected Hawk was ”because of the ease of implementation and highly relevant out-of-the-box results.”

The Thanx Media team has over 50 years of combined experience implementing site search technology on-time and on-budget.

Our Google Commerce Search Replacement plan includes a free conversion analysis and flexible pricing options.

With Hawk Search you can:

Deliver industry leading search results with minimal technical intervention:


Create Landing Pages quickly and easily:


Generate focused reporting to match your needs:


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