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Management Team


Paul Matker  
Chief Executive Officer

Throughout my 20-year career in high-tech selling and sales management, I've enjoyed helping client companies find solutions to their specific technology problems and to drive sales. About 10 years ago, as e-commerce was building momentum, I noticed that my large customers were realizing tremendous improvement in their performance from some of the enterprise software that was being developed and implemented. It occurred to me that there were thousands of medium and smaller sized companies that could use this same technology if it were marketed and packaged differently. I decided to start a company to fill this niche and leveraged my many contacts and relationships to put together my own "dream team" of developers and other professionals. Now, 10 years later, I am proud to say that we have helped hundreds of companies to navigate and stay ahead in the ever changing e-commerce world using our leading customer experience management solutions and professional services. Our goal is to deliver enterprise-grade e-commerce software in small, medium, and large. I hope we at Thanx Media have an opportunity to show you how to use our resources to your advantage.
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Marcel Muñoz
Chief Technology Officer

Even after 17 years, I still am in love with how the web provides endless opportunity and value to the various industries in which I have worked. Whether the focus was financial services, marketing automation, or e-commerce, my drive to see how technology could impact a business has kept me waking up with enthusiasm for the job every morning. Ultimately, the e-commerce aspect of the web is what captured my continued attention. Online shoppers are fickle and constant innovation is needed to keep up with their diverse demands. This, combined with the decline of infrastructure costs, gave us a perfect opportunity to design and deliver enterprise-grade software in creative ways to meet e-tailer and consumer needs. Our first product was Endeca On-Demand, the leading site search platform that is now rentable. I’m proud that we at Thanx Media have established trust with our clients and have continued to expand our technologies and services over the years. In the ecommerce market, consolidation has been key and our modern omni-channel commerce platform has proven to be a great next step for our clients.
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Debbie Fino
Chief Financial Officer

During my 25-plus years in accounting and finance I’ve been responsible for the internal and external reporting and management of financial operations for specific business segments at various professional services firms such as Porter Novelli, Golin Harris and Ancilla Systems. As I expanded my expertise into various aspects of administration, human resources and marketing, I found that gathering data from different sources and parts of the organization, combined with my financial background, allowed me to aid in the development of tools with which management could apply relevant information to facilitate company operations and meet strategic objectives. I realized that by gathering pertinent data in all forms, whether for internal purposes such as managing costs, projecting revenue and ROI, and for developing sales and marketing strategies, I could help my teammates as well as customers to make informed business decisions. By continuing to implement these practices with our development team here at Thanx Media, we have been able to provide leading customer experience management solutions and professional services to enable our customers to increase sales and close more business. 


Dan Bulauski
Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Customer Success

The past several years of my career have been spent developing a top performing sales team at Thanx Media. Our goal is to provide customers and prospects with the latest technology and technological solutions in the industry. Prior to Thanx Media, I spent 26 years in the retail sector leading and developing store leadership teams. My change from retail management to technology sales is the result of my excitement over witnessing the rapid growth in e-commerce, which is something I knew I wanted to be a part of. Seeing Thanx Media’s technological advancements over the past several years and being able to deliver them to companies, both large and small, has been very rewarding. It gives me a tremendous sense of pride to see the technologies we provide greatly impact our customers’ business and I would be honored to share with you how our solutions can help you.
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