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Hawk Site Search Questions

Questions And Answers

What is Hawk Search?

Hawk Search is a feature-rich eCommerce site search solution. Its robust functionality is designed to make it easy to deliver an excellent customer experience through relevant results and dynamic merchandising capabilities.

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What is a hosted solution?

A hosted solution is also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In a SaaS model, the software and data associated with an implementation are hosted and managed by a third party. Thanx Media has partnered with Rackspace, the recognized leader in global managed hosting to deliver enterprise-level managed services.

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What are the benefits of a hosted solution?

The benefits of a hosted solution are two-fold; the first benefit is the potential to reduce IT costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance which leads to a faster ROI. Secondly, our team of experts will monitor and manage your Hawk Search application to ensure peak performance. 

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What features does Hawk Search include?

  • Site Search– deliver relevant results based on the search phrase
  • Guided Navigation – provide customers with the ability to filter products based on attributes such as price, color, brand, and more
  • Dynamic Merchandising – dynamically deliver the most relevant content based on internal navigation or how the customer arrived at your site
  • Customer Experience Management – the robust merchandising tools enable businesses to deliver a personalized and effective customer experience
  • Smart Auto Complete – get visitors to results even faster with the Auto-complete feature
  • Intelligent Search – Hawk Search analyzes the way visitors navigate and personalizes the online experience based on their behavior and choices
  • Site Search for Mobile – Seamless integration with your online catalog to make the mobile experience intuitive.

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What differentiates Hawk Search from other site search engines?

Hawk Search is platform agnostic and delivers a scalable and flexible software solution that enables you to optimize the customer experience and marketing campaigns. No other solution makes it as easy to deliver relevant landing pages based on the search phrase or marketing campaign. Hawk Search “learns” from each and every visitor and personalizes the results based on how they search and navigate.

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How does Hawk Search help SEO?

The ability to create search engine friendly URLs is a feature that enables the creation of URL’s that are optimized for your target keywords. SEO booster was released in May of 2013 and is designed to help companies tap into visitor searches and expose additional unique content to the search engines.

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How does Hawk Search “learn” from site visitors?

Hawk Search's results that are driven by behavior, not inflexible algorithms. Hawk Search’s breakthrough technology “gains intelligence” as visitors navigate search results and category pages. Each query, product view, and mouse click is tracked and analyzed and the results are personalized based on each individual shopper to create a highly relevant customer experience.

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How long does it take to implement Hawk Search?

Implementation timeframes will vary based on the complexity of business requirements, resource availability, and other factors.

Most of our clients are able to implement Hawk Search in under 1 month.

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What industries would benefit from implementing Hawk Search?

Online Retailers– both B2B and B2C
Online Publishers

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