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Six 2017 E-commerce Trends to Watch

  It may be too soon to predict where e-commerce¬†is going to go in 2017, especially considering how quickly technology advances are being made...

Why Thanx Media

Our customers choose us for a reason.

We are customer experience, search technology, and data management experts. The Thanx Media team has over 75 years of experience and has helped over 300 companies grow their business.

We focus on partnering with businesses to understand pain points and to identify solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and grow their eCommerce business.

The Thanx Media team specializes in unlocking the power of content to help organizations:

  • Make the most of the data they have to drive an excellent customer experience.
  • Gather and utilize data that is not part of their current catalog to improve visibility to search engines and increase conversion.
  • Manage data from multiple resources to create one version of the truth and reduce the manual efforts related to managing content.
  • Increase revenue and grow the online business.

How we work

  • We listen – We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and know that every business has it's unique set of requirements and constraints. We take the time to work with your team to discover and understand what is important to you.
  • We care – Our team understands the challenges facing businesses related to implementing new technology solutions. We will work with you side by side before, during, and after an implementation.
  • We deliver – Our best practices approach and industry expertise ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.



"Because we had a homegrown, patchwork solution, we really had to start from scratch. I can’t say enough about the Thanx Media tech team; they spent significant amounts of time making sure the data and SKU’s were in workable and presentable form. Our previous solution had very limited filtering capabilities and our technical library pages had no search functionality and were difficult to navigate due to a lack of filtering. With the Endeca On-Demand solution, we were able to offer vastly superior precedence rules while improving upon our navigation. They met every need and deadline, even when we gave them curveballs and one-off requests." – Manager of Internet Development