Are you considering bringing on new technologies and/or upgrading current systems in your eCommerce environment? If so, now’s the time to consider partnering with a Systems Integrator to assist in implementing new technology, enhancements to new features, ongoing support, and troubleshooting.

Partnering with a Systems Integrator can also help streamline processes, increase efficiency, and add bandwidth to your existing team. A good System Integrator can be your new technology support team, or maybe more importantly, they can share knowledge with your IT team and increase overall productivity.

A few of the challenges associated with onboarding or upgrading a technology platform can include:

  • A lack of experience with the technology
  • Limited internal resources available
  • Inadequate knowledge transfer from the vendor.

Why a Systems Integrator is Your Secret Weapon

1.Platform and Industry Expertise: One of the primary benefits of working with a Systems Integrator is their industry knowledge coupled with in-depth experience in upgrading and implementing a variety of solutions ranging from ERP systems to Ecommece platforms, and 3rd party search solutions.

Utilizing one resource to integrate all of your systems can help to ensure consistency and bring new ideas to life. By assessing the business requirements and the technology, an outside resource can apply previous experiences to recommend the best options. A good Systems Integrator has experience in multiple industries and will work side by side with your team to implement new features.

2. Bandwidth and Scalability:  We’ve all been there, thinking about implementing new or upgrading existing technology while supporting day-to-day business needs. It’s no small problem; the questions range from hiring additional resources to utilizing a Systems Integrator. Hiring additional staff can be costly and difficult in today’s job market. Then, there’s the question of handling potential turnover and managing the resource pool once the project is complete.

A Systems Integrator can help on both fronts; they can add the bandwidth needed to support your business as you upgrade technology in a couple of ways. They can augment your maintenance staff and handle the daily business activities or take the lead on implementing the new technology. In either case, they can help solve the scalability problem by adding or subtracting resources according to the business needs.

3. System Maintenance and Knowledge Transfer: Often, a concern about working with a Systems Integrator is that when the relationship is over, all of the knowledge goes with them. This doesn’t need to be the case; if you have the resources available, it’s ideal for them to work side-by-side with the System Integrator team to learn the new technology and how it integrates within your ecosystem. A common practice is to retain the services of the integration partner to provide ongoing maintenance system support. This enables your team to continue to have easy access to the resources most familiar with your implementation. Systems Integrators also often have insider connections with the vendors and can help to expedite action if needed.

Working with a Systems Integrator gives you ultimate flexibility and access to a wealth of knowledge, in short, your secret weapon for smooth implementations and ongoing maintenance while maximizing the value of your team.

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