A healthy backlog helps organizations improve not only their product roadmap but it also reduces friction amongst different teams and ensures continuous smooth delivery.

 How can a Healthy Backlog improve your organization?

  1. No rush-rush approach-Brainstorming can be done and ideas can be reviewed for innovative product.
  2. Resources can be managed effectively with minimal chances of team sitting idle.
  3. It helps in staying on track for defined product roadmap and delivering minimum viable product on time.
  4. DEEP (Detailed, Estimated, Emergent and Prioritized)- User stories can be detailed appropriately, can be emergent, estimated well and prioritized well.  
  5. Improved efficiency and better control over sprints can be achieved if backlog is refined for upcoming sprints in advance.
  6. Backlog refinement always helps in overall customer satisfaction, customers can view upcoming items and can share feedback. Healthy backlog also helps in keeping sprints focused, clean and relevant.
  7. Risks can be identified in advance and risk mitigation can be planned.
  8. It improves the efficiency of the sprint planning meeting because most questions are already answered.

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