Author: Beth Browning

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Achieve More Revenue in 2022- How Re-Designing Your Website Can Help You Achieve Increased Revenues

Your website is the lifeblood of any organization, or one spoke in the wheel. Redesigning your website is a significant undertaking. It requires designated resources from your business and the help of experts who can provide integrated strategy, design, development, marketing, content, and delivery. Explore the successful steps and common phases of a successful website […]

Adventures with Backlog in Agile & SAFE-How Healthy Backlog helps your organization grow faster

A healthy backlog helps organizations improve not only their product roadmap but it also reduces friction amongst different teams and ensures continuous smooth delivery.  How can a Healthy Backlog improve your organization? No rush-rush approach-Brainstorming can be done and ideas can be reviewed for innovative product. Resources can be managed effectively with minimal chances of […]