AVEYOU.com, of AVEYOU Beauty Boutique, launches a new search platform for more than 15,000 AVEYOU.com beauty products. AVEYOU.com is partnering with market-leading and enterprise-solutions company Thanx Media to implement the Endeca® On-Demand Express Solution. The solution enhances online shopping experiences for customers and helps online shoppers easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

Thanx Media’s Endeca® On-Demand Express Solution hosts a search for merchandisers and offers an array of features for customers such as relevant suggestions for cosmetic products and guided navigation. Thanx Media worked with AVEYOU.com to develop a search product to assist customers with all of their needs for beauty products. The search platform is built to learn from customers and continually deliver spot-on product results.

The Thanx Media Endeca® On-Demand Express Solution is also designed to improve sales for online retailers and improve e-commerce. Thanx Media provides AVEYOU.com with custom-integrated solutions to boost conversions, revenue and customer retention.

“The Thanx Media team was extremely knowledgeable and diligent throughout the implementation project,” says Brian J. Esposito, AVEYOU Beauty Boutique CEO. “Our Project Leader, Mary Sias, made sure all of our deliverables and timeframes were met and exceeded while also being very personal and professional. Since we’ve gone live with the Endeca® On-Demand Express solution, we’ve seen our onsite search vastly improved and have increased refinement options throughout the site. Even in the short period of time that it’s been live, we’ve seen increased conversion rates and higher-average order values.”

“Brian and his team were great to work with and I think the improved metrics will show through in the end. I’ve enjoyed working with the entire team and look forward to a continued and successful partnership,” says Mary Sias, an eCommerce Business Analyst at Thanx Media.

“We are already seeing a great response from body and skin care shoppers and an increase in sales,” adds Esposito.

Start shopping for exclusive AVEYOU.com cosmetic products online at http://www.aveyou.com/

About AVEYOU Beauty Boutique:
AVEYOU Beauty Boutique was created by Lisa Esposito and her brother Brian Esposito based on a concept that stemmed from their father, Anthony Esposito. AVEYOU Beauty Boutique provides its customers with the finest products for nail, hair, body and skin care both in store and online. They offer premium beauty appliances, shampoos, conditioners, makeup and every type of personal care product. All of AVEYOU’s products and product lines are extensively tested to ensure consumer satisfaction. AVEYOU’s in-depth product knowledge and outstanding customer service allows them to offer the best possible services and products in the beauty industry. AVEYOU has been listed INC 500, identifying them as one of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in 2010 and 2011. Their online website, AVEYOU.com was most recently awarded one of the most prestigious awards in customer service: The STELLAService Seal of Customer Excellence.