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Achieve More Revenue in 2022- How Re-Designing Your Website Can Help You Achieve Increased Revenues

Your website is the lifeblood of any organization, or one spoke in the wheel. Redesigning your website is a significant undertaking. It requires designated resources from your business and the help of experts who can provide integrated strategy, design, development, marketing, content, and delivery. Explore the successful steps and common phases of a successful website […]

Adventures with Backlog in Agile & SAFE-How Healthy Backlog helps your organization grow faster

A healthy backlog helps organizations improve not only their product roadmap but it also reduces friction amongst different teams and ensures continuous smooth delivery.  How can a Healthy Backlog improve your organization? No rush-rush approach-Brainstorming can be done and ideas can be reviewed for innovative product. Resources can be managed effectively with minimal chances of […]

Planning for 2018 E-Commerce

We’re here to help you through New Year’s resolution time—today we’re going to look at three tools and trends that we see on the rise for e-commerce in 2018. If growth is on your to-do list for 2018, here are some options to help you get there. Smart Content What is smart content? It’s web […]

Reviewing Your 2017 E-Commerce Solutions

As the year is winding down, it’s a good time to review the top e-commerce trends of 2017 and consider whether your company has integrated solutions to keep you competitive. How is your company doing in these areas? Mobile Readiness and Omni-Channel Integrations An estimated $156 billion of revenue was earned via mobile retail in […]

Customer Service Gold: Email Automation for the Win

We know that customer service cannot be an afterthought when so much customer decisionmaking is affected by satisfaction levels. But we’re not all going to be able to answer customer service requests within 10 seconds via a live video support session like Amazon. So how can smaller operations provide top-quality customer service? Find ways to […]

Real-Time Customer Service: Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Customer care is a must: 66% of consumers switch brands because of poor customer service. Yet, keeping long-term customers is the key to better business, with repeat customers spending 67% more than new customers. Today’s customer is moving fast, and wants fast and reliable resolutions when problems occur. Without “real-time” customer service, buyers are likely […]

Holiday & End-of-Year E-commerce Check-in

We’re in the thick of the shopping season. With retail sales highest during the holidays and with 2017 sales expected to increase 3-4% from 2016, it’s important to take stock of whether your company is maximizing the season’s potential. Here are some ideas you can still fold-in to take advantage of peak shopping! End-of-Year Lists […]

Social Commerce Part III: Conversation Starters

Welcome back to our Social Commerce discussion. We’ve covered the where and the when, so now it’s time for the what: what content best fits social commerce? Content that Starts or Joins the Conversation The fast pace of social media conversations can give a company the sense that it had better get in fast. But […]