Our Partners

Trusted Technologies and Services

Connecting The Dots To Ensure Customer Success

We connect with companies that provide dynamic, exciting and proven technologies. Our partnerships allow for a two-way street to share knowledge that benefits our clients.

We also have an eye on cutting-edge technologies. Our intellectual curiosity drives us to understand the impact of new technology and the best ways to implement it. Having this two-way street with all types of partners help us deliver new ideas and solutions.

Our Commerce Platform Partners

We partner with leading commerce platforms ranging from small to enterprise to fit the needs of customers of all sizes. With our extensive e-commerce expertise, our team will work with you to pick the best platform and ensure it is built correctly.

Our User Experience Partners

Thanx Media partners with technology leaders to help our customers make the most of their commerce investment. We will help guide our clients on the best technologies in the market, making sure the chosen technology successfully integrates into your system.