About PowerReviews

Founded in 2005, PowerReviews provide a SaaS e-commerce technology which syndicates customer product reviews. The PowerReviews technology is used by retailers, manufacturers, and any company who’s customers benefit by having product reviews from other customers at their fingertips. Providing the industry’s largest network of user generate reviews and a proven quality control process, the PowerReviews solution reaches 2,500 retailers and over 700 million consumers every month.

What Sets PowerReviews Apart

PowerReviews’ ultimate goal is to provide a platform that helps consumers make the best purchasing decision along with providing feedback to improve products and services.

Thanx Media serves hundreds of customers who use data provided by PowerReviews dynamically to impact other aspects of their online business. Star ratings can be used to impact e-commerce merchandising, onsite search and general product display strategies. Thanx Media is an expert service provider in not only the implementation of PowerReviews platform but the augmentation of the provided data to strategically drive business.


Thanx Media has certified PowerReviews developers to assist customers with implementation and on-going maintenance. We have hundreds of joint customers who leverage Thanx Media services and the PowerReviews platform because PowerReviews’ framework allows Thanx Media the flexibility to reliably deliver the solution in just a few weeks.

Thanx Media skillfully delivers the PowerReviews high-quality experience for small and medium business users with a scalable implementation approach.

 PowerReviews Implementation Services:

  • CSS Styling
  • E-commerce platform integration
  • Pre-cache setup
  • JavaScript configuration
  • API configuration
  • Best practices
  • Analytics configuration
  • Testing
  • Web development
  • Mobile
  • Post-launch support
  • PowerReviews experts

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