About Yottaa

Founded in 2009, Yottaa delivers a platform to the market to help online businesses deal with challenges related delivering optimal e-commerce page load speed across all devices. With a unique vision and SaaS platform that accelerates the optimization of e-commerce performance without making codes changes to a business’s website, Yottaa has successfully simplified the process and enhanced customer support with “white glove” service to ensure success.

What Sets Yottaa Apart

Yottaa provides the best web optimization solution for end application user engagement. Yottaa also

  • Ensures great performance and 100% uptime for all of your clients’ applications.
  • Provides engaging experiences that captivate and convert users.
  • Creates loyalty amongst end-users by providing a great experience.
  • Attracts new, performance-conscious clients and retain current clients with advanced offerings
  • Creates a scalable, full-suite service package and differentiated portfolio
  • Stays ahead of the competition with an end-to-end solution.


Thanx Media is a value-added reseller of the Yottaa Rapid CTRL and e-commerce acceleration platform. Yottaa has delivered significant value to our existing customer base and we believe the solution’s unique value proposition is of the highest quality, especially compared to other flavors of site acceleration solutions.

Some of the features and benefits of implementing Yottaa include:

  • 3rd party control
  • Site speed benchmarking
  • Instantly engage shoppers
  • Transform content for speed optimization across all devices, browsers, and networks
  • Solve responsive design page load speed challenges
  • Instant knowledge about your customer
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • CDN
  • Simple deployment (it only takes hours to implement)

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