Digital Strategy

Thanx Media leverages its industry expertise, thought leadership and strong partnerships to offer our clients the most insightful digital strategies. We provide a full assessment of your systems to plan and execute powerful strategic solutions.

Why Thanx Media?

We Know The Digital Landscape

Our team of professionals have been helping businesses of all sizes with the web since 1998. We have watched the technology landscape evolve from a small handful of solutions to hundreds of solutions across hundreds of categories.

We Take an Unbiased Approach

We pride ourselves in the fact that every strategy engagement is 100% unbiased, based on your individual business requirements. Time and time again we have heard customers say "we should never have picked that solution to begin with" and we don't want that for our customers either.

We Do Alot of the Heavy Lifting

When it comes to your strategy and defining your strategy, we work with key stakeholders from multiple departments. This gives our team the insight needed to provide a solid, comprehensive business requirements document and RFP.

Service Offerings

Site Assessment
Technology Assessment
RFP Creation & Software Selection

Thanx Media's team looks at current website metrics and works closely with key team members to help identify gaps and short falls of your current website and/or website configuration.

Thanx Media's team looks at current technologies you are using and how you utilize them. We make suggestions on how to better use the technologies your company has invested in.

Thanx Media's team helps our clients build the requirements necessary to help choose the best software for a variety of businesses.   We then create a brand focused RFP that represents our clients company in a way that enables potential collaborators to better understand each company and its unique needs.

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