Are you maximizing your customer experience?

Achieve Your Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Our digital strategy team is made up of e-commerce veterans with extensive knowledge in the retail, distribution and manufacturing markets.  Our experts will not only perform an assessment of your current website to identify opportunities and gaps, we will work with your team to identify your long-term goals, develop strategies to achieve those goals, and make technology, marketing, and other recommendations. 

How We Work:

Assess - Our strategy team evaluates your current website and user experience. We provide a full assessment report identifying where gaps exist and where opportunities for improvement can be found. 

License - Based on our assessment, our strategy team will document current pain points and evaluate solutions in the market today.  Our recommendation of a technology that meets your requirements is based on our industry expertise and market research.

Implement - Using our expertise in design and development, our team will work with you to support the implementation based on your requirements of any new chosen solution.

Manage & Optimize (Post Launch Support) - Once your solution is implemented, our team will work with you to test the implementation to confirm your requirements are met, train your team and support the new solution to ensure your technology investment stays relevant and up to date.

The Thanx Media Approach

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