Keep Your Software Running


What Is It?

“Set it and forget it.” - Ron Popeil

That might work with a kitchen appliance, but for e-commerce technology, consistent management is needed. Not only do you want to make sure the technology keeps up with your business, but you want to make sure your team keeps up with its advances.

When do I need it?

One of the common situations is when a company loses a key employee. This may create a huge void of knowledge for whatever software they were managing. Months and years may pass and the use of the software gets stagnant. New features could have been introduced, but not utilized. The business direction might have changed, but the software wasn’t reconfigured.

To prevent this, our Managed Services offering fits the need.

What does it cost?

This depends on the technology that needs managing. An e-merchandising solution might require reviewing reports and adding tweaks every month. Managing your Search Engine Marketing platform can be an on-going task.

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