After reading through Parts I, II, and III of our Social Commerce talks, you’re ready to find actionable and sustainable ways to capitalize on the positive reinforcement of social commerce. So today we’re rounding out our Social Commerce discussion by taking a look at a tech option that helps structure your existing e-commerce website to give customers that social feel.

What is Site Vibes?

Site Vibes is a drop-in technology that puts user product reviews, shares and purchases on display for all of your browsing customers. It helps create that social space that we’ve been exploring: a place where users feel they are getting recommendations and the positive feedback that helps finalize buying decisions.

Social Commerce Features Made Easy

⋅  Trending Wall—Site Vibes lets you create a space to showcase the products that are getting the most attention from other customers. This can be part of your landing page, or can appear on individual product pages.

⋅  Subcategories—Break down your products into subcategories and show the top items in the category most relevant to your user’s browsing behavior.

⋅  Trending badges—Highlight individual products by marking them as popular or top purchases.

⋅  Social integrations—Show off likes, Pins, and Tweets for your products with widgets that automatically update so that you can display up-to-date shopper preferences and buzz.

⋅  User Reviews—Make user reviews central to item detail pages to ensure that customers get that sense of user reinforcement.

How the Site Vibes Social Space Affects the Customer Journey

⋅  Creates that sense of community—Remember those social shopping sites we discussed that feel like taking a trip to the mall with your friends? Using a trending wall and placing user opinions at the center of your site helps a shopper feel connected to other shoppers. A customer gets a sense of the excitement around certain products and is affected by that momentum.

⋅  Offers useful information that furthers customer research—Reinforcement that a large number of users are satisfied with a product helps a customer who is overwhelmed by the research stage. Clearly visible “top products” give a customer easy direction when searching for products and encourages an easy transition to the purchase stage.

Site Vibes is built to drop-in to your e-commerce site and to integrate with your platform. You can customize the look and feel, and place features where you want them. It brings real-time customer chatter into the user experience, with minimal upkeep on your end. Want to find out more? Get in touch and we can help explore your social commerce options.