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Customer Analytics Part IV: Journey Mapping

Now that you’ve learned where to look for customer data, thought about how to put that data in context, and ensured that your data is set up for comparison and visualization, let’s explore an actionable analysis of all that data—the customer journey map. What is a Customer Journey Map? A customer journey map plots the […]

Customer Analytics Part II: Putting the Data in Context

Welcome back to our Customer Analytics discussion. We’ve gone over what customer analytics are and where data is sourced. Now let’s take a look at how we assess that data and find usable information. Focusing on Segments of Data in Context After cataloguing what feels like an unwieldy amount of information about who our customers […]

Elements of E-Commerce | Customer Analytics

Welcome to Thanx Media’s “Elements of E-Commerce” blog series. Follow along as we wade through the nuts and bolts of e-commerce technologies that you need to know. Today we’re taking a look at customer analytics. The first step is orienting ourselves with the what and where. Over the next few posts, we’ll dive deeper to […]