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Thanx Media Announces Migration Plan to Assist Google Commerce Search (GCS) Clients Affected by the Discontinuation of GCS Solution

Google Commerce Search (GCS) Support ends soon, leaving many on-line retailers with a technology migration dilemma. Today, Thanx Media a leading provider of eCommerce site search technology, announces a comparable site search replacement plan for Google Commerce Search customers.

“We know how difficult it can be to migrate to a new solution,” stated Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO. “Our goal is to help businesses to make the migration to a new platform as seamless and painless as possible, without compromising functionality.”

Thanx Media offers site search technology that meets the needs for both B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers as well as online publishers. Their professional services team has over 75 years of combined experience implementing site search technology on-time and on-budget.

The company’s site search portfolio offers solutions that are feature-rich and drive an effective customer experience with market leading technology. Their feature-rich solutions offer many benefits such as:

  • Faceted navigation – enables visitors to filter search results by product attribute
  • Dynamic landing pages – delivers customer content based on search term or campaign
  • Mobile search – seamless integration with online catalog
  • Merchandising – allows merchandisers to manage the customer experience
  • Integrated category navigation – provides consistent site wide navigation

Thanx Media has a history of successfully migrating businesses to a new site search technology. Their clients continually show ROI through improved customer experience and increased conversions.

National retailer Goedeker’s reported a dramatic 30% increase in the use of the site search feature and a 25% increase in conversions with the use of the Hawk Search solution, a technology resold by Thanx Media.

“We started seeing results the day after it was implemented,” explained Matt Davids, Director of SEO for retailer Goedeker’s. “There was an immediate increase in the use of site search and site search conversions also improved.” Goedeker’s prefers Hawk Search because of the ease of implementation and highly relevant out-of-the-box results.

Thanx Media also offers a hosted, cloud-based version of the Oracle Endeca site search solution. With over 100 customers currently using it, Endeca On-Demand offers simple integration and the ability to create landing pages and merchandise on-the-fly. Simply put, this efficient technology is built to produce results and exceed expectations.

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Thanx Media now Offers Seamless Transition for Google Commerce Search Customers

With much buzz and speculation surrounding when and how customers will migrate off the now sunsetting Google Commerce Search technology, Thanx Media is offering a promotion to make the process easier. Thanx Media is waiving the implementation fee and offering the first month of service at no charge for customers who upgrade from Google Commerce Search to Hawk Search, when they sign up for at least a one year contract.

As a former Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search (GCS) with over 75 years of combined site search experience and over 275 site search customers, Thanx Media is uniquely qualified to take and duplicate your current environment over to Hawk Search.

One of the things that sets the Hawk Search solution apart from other fully hosted, fully managed site search solutions are the key features that come standard, including:

  • Learning Search–Technology that tracks, analyzes, and personalizes search results
  • Promotional Capabilities–Promote products within search results
  • Flexible Auto Complete –Completes search terms based on categories, products, or popular searches
  • Agile Navigation – Ability to refine navigation by product attributes in both search and category-level results
  • Dynamic Merchandising Tools–Recommend related products to all your visitors
  • Dynamic Landing Pages–Build effective landing pages for advertising campaigns
  • Reporting–Focused insights into how visitors use site search
  • Hawk Search Dashboard–Business users can take full control over the Hawk Search experience

Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO, said “We understand that switching your investment after much time and work can seem daunting, but Thanx Media wants you to know you’re not alone. Our team of experts looks forward to seamlessly upgrading your site search and meeting your team’s expectations. We’re excited about the opportunity to help you move forward with the certainty that your site search is taken care of now and into the future.”

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Hawk Search Releases an Updated Site Search Platform

Hawk Search, a technology that Thanx Media resells, provides a scalable and feature rich site search solution as an option to businesses who are seeking to replace a current search solution such as Google Commerce Search.

Read more at:

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Blick Art Materials Partners with Thanx Media to Implement Google Commerce Search

Thanx Media, an enterprise solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a project with Blick Art Materials to upgrade the site search engine on After an extensive search, Kathryn Kollett, Web Program Director at Blick Art Materials, and her team selected Google Commerce Search (GCS) to replace their prior search technology, as their existing solution wasn’t meeting their customers’ needs. According to Kollett, Google recommended partnering with Thanx Media to ensure a smooth implementation of the new search platform.

“We were looking for a search platform that would provide an excellent customer experience and require little manual intervention to configure and maintain. In addition we needed a partner that knew the product and could guide us through the implementation smoothly and quickly to ensure our success,” said Kollett.

Wesley Rizal, a Professional Services Team Lead at Thanx Media, led the effort. The Thanx Media approach is founded in industry best practices combined with an authentic interest in the success of their client. Kollett said, “Wes was great. He was genuinely interested in the project and its success. We felt like he was part of the team.”

The Blick team selected GCS for its flexibility and ease of implementation. With Thanx Media, it designed and implemented a solution tailored to accommodate Blick’s product data structure and meet the needs of Blick’s customer base. “Wes was very knowledgeable. One of the things I liked most was his honesty. He knew the tools well, acknowledged it if he needed to do some research, and he found the answers we needed quickly. That’s a quality I really appreciate in a partner,” Kollett remarked.

The effort overlapped the tail end of another large project to enhance the Blick website. According to Kollett, “Despite our preoccupation with the bigger project, we were able to get a nice search solution in place thanks to the assistance and flexibility of the Thanx Media team.”

The team at Blick Art Materials looks forward to a search solution that requires less manual intervention and has greater promotional capabilities. In particular they want to take advantage of product recommendations and the tools ability to customize search results based on consumer behavior.

The search capability was implemented in early August 2012 and the early indications are promising.

Thanx Media is a Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of the Google Commerce Search (GCS) solution.

About Blick Art Materials
Founded in Galesburg, Ill., in 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest and oldest providers of art supplies in the United States, with 38 retail stores nationwide. Its products cater to the full spectrum of artists — from the youngest child ready to scribble with his or her first crayon to well-known, gallery-represented professionals. The company’s extensive selection, competitive prices and superior customer service make Blick the best choice for art educators, students, artists, architects, designers, hobbyists or anyone requiring quality art materials for work or pleasure. A long-time advocate of art education in the U.S., Blick also provides support of scholastic, collegiate, and professional art shows, both financially and through a variety of materials that emphasize the benefits of art education. The company’s corporate office is located in Highland Park, Ill., and its main operations are located in Galesburg, Ill. For more information, please visit

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Thanx Media Partners with Google to Offer Google Commerce Search across a Broader Range of Online Retailers

Thanx Media, an enterprise solutions company that focuses on providing integrated solutions for B2B and B2C online retailers, and search engine giant, Google, have announced a partnership in which Thanx Media will be a Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search (GCS), Google’s Commerce site search and merchandising technology. While Thanx Media will offer Google Commerce Search to any size business, they will put an emphasis on the small and medium sized businesses. Thanx Media increases its solutions portfolio and provides another avenue for new customers to drive a proven site search experience.

With hundreds of customers and over 50 combined years of searchandising experience, Thanx Media is well positioned to sell, manage and service current and future GCS customers. Through their Managed Google Commerce Search, Thanx Media will provide an individualized evaluation, rapid implementation and a dedicated support team to ensure long-term success using GCS. For those who already utilize GCS, Thanx Media will provide a full spectrum of professional support services before, during and after the implementation.

Thanx Media’s SMB Google Commerce Search solution will allow them to tailor the current GCS technology based on the individual customer’s size and needs. This solution is available to companies who may not be able to justify Google Commerce Search’s traditional model given their current catalog size and number of yearly queries. For instance, a company who has roughly 25,000 items (products) indexed and generates in the neighborhood of 1 million queries a year knows they need the search power Google provides, but wouldn’t be able to justify it, given the traditional models size. Thanx Media’s SMB Google Commerce Search solution will provide these customers with a more compelling packaging of the Google technology and related services.

Says Matt Eichner, Google’s General Manager of Enterprise Search, “Google is excited to announce this partnership with Thanx Media. Thanx has a great reputation, offering compelling solutions to medium-sized retailers that we feel will be enhanced with our state-of-the-art commerce searchandising cloud technology. We believe Thanx Media has the talent to make larger customers successful, and we look forward to working with Thanx and its many customers to increase their eCommerce site sales.”

With growing companies opting to rent software technologies instead of buying them outright, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models have become ever more popular over the last several years. As a result of this shift in industry practices, competition between vendors has increased dramatically over the same period, leading to more mergers and partnerships in order to provide customers with the best solutions possible.

“One of the most exciting things about the eCommerce industry is the innovation and evolution of what’s happening throughout the industry and trying to predict where it’s headed. More specifically, it’s the ability to keep your ear on what the customer is looking for in their business and then developing the software yourself, or finding the right partnership and tailoring it to your customers needs, as we’ve done here with Google and our tailored Google Commerce Search solutions,” Paul Matker CEO of Thanx Media says.

This desire for having not just the ultimate user experience, but having it be better than the competition is especially true for businesses that operate online, where their website is the biggest asset they have. The decision is made even more important given the simplicity of visiting competitor websites with similar content.

Search is a huge aspect of this experience and for some sites it is their main salesperson. The integration of Thanx Media’s industry knowledge and reputation combined with Google’s search expertise will be just what a growing business wants, and needs to drive more revenue.