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Goedeker’s Reaps Immediate and Dramatic Improvement in Site Search Conversions with Hawk Search

Goedeker’s, one of America’s largest independent retailers of discount appliances, home furniture, and mattresses, experienced an immediate increase in site searches due to the implementation of Hawk Search, a technology that Thanx Media resells. Hawk Search’s robust merchandising workbench enables Goedeker’s merchandising team to customize search results without the need for IT intervention.

Goedeker’s chose Hawk Search because they were confident the robust solution would show immediate results in meeting their main goals of:

  • Enriching the customer experience
  • Increasing site search conversions
  • Improving usability
  • Providing more targeted search results
  • Boosting search results relevancy

According to Matt Davids, Director of SEO for Goedeker’s, a desire to improve the customer experience and remove the merchandising obstacles associated with the existing site search solution were the main drivers behind the search for a new platform. “Over 95% of our sales come through our website,” explained Davids. “We wanted to make it easier for our customers to search for products and quickly find exactly what they need. Goedeker’s prefers Hawk Search because of the ease of implementation and highly relevant out-of-the-box results.”

The day after implementation, Goedeker’s reported a dramatic 30% increase in the use of the site search feature along with a 25% increase in conversions: a trend which continues. The flexible and scalable solution powers Goedeker’s Ecommerce site search and category navigation.

“The Goedeker’s story is a great example of how implementing a site search solution can improve the customer experience and dramatically increase conversions,” said Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO.

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Thanx Media Announces Migration Plan to Assist Google Commerce Search (GCS) Clients Affected by the Discontinuation of GCS Solution

Google Commerce Search (GCS) Support ends soon, leaving many on-line retailers with a technology migration dilemma. Today, Thanx Media a leading provider of eCommerce site search technology, announces a comparable site search replacement plan for Google Commerce Search customers.

“We know how difficult it can be to migrate to a new solution,” stated Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO. “Our goal is to help businesses to make the migration to a new platform as seamless and painless as possible, without compromising functionality.”

Thanx Media offers site search technology that meets the needs for both B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers as well as online publishers. Their professional services team has over 75 years of combined experience implementing site search technology on-time and on-budget.

The company’s site search portfolio offers solutions that are feature-rich and drive an effective customer experience with market leading technology. Their feature-rich solutions offer many benefits such as:

  • Faceted navigation – enables visitors to filter search results by product attribute
  • Dynamic landing pages – delivers customer content based on search term or campaign
  • Mobile search – seamless integration with online catalog
  • Merchandising – allows merchandisers to manage the customer experience
  • Integrated category navigation – provides consistent site wide navigation

Thanx Media has a history of successfully migrating businesses to a new site search technology. Their clients continually show ROI through improved customer experience and increased conversions.

National retailer Goedeker’s reported a dramatic 30% increase in the use of the site search feature and a 25% increase in conversions with the use of the Hawk Search solution, a technology resold by Thanx Media.

“We started seeing results the day after it was implemented,” explained Matt Davids, Director of SEO for retailer Goedeker’s. “There was an immediate increase in the use of site search and site search conversions also improved.” Goedeker’s prefers Hawk Search because of the ease of implementation and highly relevant out-of-the-box results.

Thanx Media also offers a hosted, cloud-based version of the Oracle Endeca site search solution. With over 100 customers currently using it, Endeca On-Demand offers simple integration and the ability to create landing pages and merchandise on-the-fly. Simply put, this efficient technology is built to produce results and exceed expectations.

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Smarter Site Search

New technology better grasps consumers’ intent and returns results that are more relevant and current.​

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A.M. Leonard Leverages Search And Visibility For Greater Web Sales

The horticultural supply company is using improved site search capabilities and customer visibility to propel stronger growth online.

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A.M. Leonard Implementation of Thanx Media’s Site Search Solution, Hawk Search, Enhances Customer Usability

A.M. Leonard, Inc., a leading provider of Horticultural Tools and Supplies, has seen a steady growth in site commerce due to the implementation of Hawk Search, technology that Thanx Media resells. The scalable and flexible software solution is used to power A.M. Leonard’s Ecommerce site search to improve overall customer experience.

“There are two ways to increase online revenue,” explained Neil Roble, Director of Marketing for A.M. Leonard. “You can either drive more traffic or you can do more with the traffic you already have. Our focus is on providing a better customer experience and we know sales will increase if we help people find the right products faster.”

Roble partnered with Thanx Media prior to joining A.M. Leonard. “I knew from previous engagements with Thanx Media,” continued Roble, “that the team is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and forward thinking. This made us confident that we’d see dramatic results by using their site search services. After the recent agreement was finalized, the Thanx Media team completed the implementation in less than a month. ”

A.M. Leonard experienced positive results immediately and within that first month reported an increase of $2.00 per visitor who used the site search feature. They were also pleased to see an increase in conversion rates during a time of year in which conversion rates typically decline for them.

“We have a great selection of products,” continued Roble, “which can be both awesome and intimidating. Before implementing Hawk Search it was a challenge for our customers to figure out which product was best for them. Now they can easily narrow their results based on things like brand, technical capability, and price.”

“We look forward to seeing the numbers grow even more after A.M. Leonard implements the faceted navigation experience site wide,” said Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO.

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Thanx Media now Offers Seamless Transition for Google Commerce Search Customers

With much buzz and speculation surrounding when and how customers will migrate off the now sunsetting Google Commerce Search technology, Thanx Media is offering a promotion to make the process easier. Thanx Media is waiving the implementation fee and offering the first month of service at no charge for customers who upgrade from Google Commerce Search to Hawk Search, when they sign up for at least a one year contract.

As a former Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search (GCS) with over 75 years of combined site search experience and over 275 site search customers, Thanx Media is uniquely qualified to take and duplicate your current environment over to Hawk Search.

One of the things that sets the Hawk Search solution apart from other fully hosted, fully managed site search solutions are the key features that come standard, including:

  • Learning Search–Technology that tracks, analyzes, and personalizes search results
  • Promotional Capabilities–Promote products within search results
  • Flexible Auto Complete –Completes search terms based on categories, products, or popular searches
  • Agile Navigation – Ability to refine navigation by product attributes in both search and category-level results
  • Dynamic Merchandising Tools–Recommend related products to all your visitors
  • Dynamic Landing Pages–Build effective landing pages for advertising campaigns
  • Reporting–Focused insights into how visitors use site search
  • Hawk Search Dashboard–Business users can take full control over the Hawk Search experience

Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO, said “We understand that switching your investment after much time and work can seem daunting, but Thanx Media wants you to know you’re not alone. Our team of experts looks forward to seamlessly upgrading your site search and meeting your team’s expectations. We’re excited about the opportunity to help you move forward with the certainty that your site search is taken care of now and into the future.”

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Hawk Search Releases an Updated Site Search Platform

Hawk Search, a technology that Thanx Media resells, provides a scalable and feature rich site search solution as an option to businesses who are seeking to replace a current search solution such as Google Commerce Search.

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