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Email Marketing Part II: Automation & Data Analysis

In the first part of our email-marketing discussion we outlined how to create personalized and interactive emails to engage consumers. But how do you achieve personalized subject headings for each reader or send emails in response to an individual consumer’s behavior? You need tech that automates these functions and gathers and analyzes data on customer demographics […]

Part 4 | Long-term B2B Success Starts With the Fundamentals

We hope you’ve enjoyed our series inspired by the Forrester report “B2B E-commerce: A Trillion Dollars For the Taking”. Parts I-III covered: Optimizing the B2B Experience to Meet B2C Expectations  Overcoming B2B E-commerce Channel Conflict Source B2B E-commerce Talent Creatively In this final Part IV of the series, we’re going to wrap up with a summary of […]