Thanx Media, a leading provider of integrated solutions for online retailers and media companies, today announced the availability of Site Boost, an automated SEO product designed to improve organic Web site traffic with a user-generated sitemap and dynamic landing pages. Site Boost increases site visibility and augments what major search engines are already indexing by leveraging hard-to-track keywords and phrases such as misspellings, long tail search terms and partial part numbers.

Designed to help customers discover new traffic without spending money on paid listings, Site Boost also utilizes spider-friendly URL formats, the Sitemap Protocol and canonical URLs to increase its impact. By effectively analyzing customers’ site search behavior, Site Boost increases organic traffic by 30% and conversion rates by 60%, making it a best-of-breed tool to support overall search engine optimization strategy.

“With Site Boost, first-time customers can make faster purchasing decisions because they’re presented with products or articles that match what they’re looking for,” said Marcel Muñoz, vice president of development for Thanx Media. “When tied to the Endeca On-Demand Merchandiser’s Workbench, landing pages can also be populated with targeted merchandising, relevant branding and educational content. Site Boost helps make the first impression count.”

Since Site Boost is already integrated within Thanx Media’s Endeca On-Demand platform, a fully managed, full featured search and merchandising offering, new and existing clients can turn on the module today. Site Boost can also be run as a stand-alone application, with Thanx Media facilitating the integration process. Clients have the option to host their own Site Boost-generated sitemap to support long-term SEO strategies.

Ideal for site owners seeking a user-friendly, cost-effective search engine optimization tool, Site Boost customers can choose from a month-to-month flat-fee payment or pay-per-click rates based on natural search traffic. Thanx Media clients, including Basil Street and Teavana, have already begun utilizing Site Boost along with the Endeca On-Demand solution.

Site Boost is a technology resold by Thanx Media.