With much buzz and speculation surrounding when and how customers will migrate off the now sunsetting Google Commerce Search technology, Thanx Media is offering a promotion to make the process easier. Thanx Media is waiving the implementation fee and offering the first month of service at no charge for customers who upgrade from Google Commerce Search to Hawk Search, when they sign up for at least a one year contract.

As a former Google Enterprise Authorized Reseller of Google Commerce Search (GCS) with over 75 years of combined site search experience and over 275 site search customers, Thanx Media is uniquely qualified to take and duplicate your current environment over to Hawk Search.

One of the things that sets the Hawk Search solution apart from other fully hosted, fully managed site search solutions are the key features that come standard, including:

  • Learning Search–Technology that tracks, analyzes, and personalizes search results
  • Promotional Capabilities–Promote products within search results
  • Flexible Auto Complete –Completes search terms based on categories, products, or popular searches
  • Agile Navigation – Ability to refine navigation by product attributes in both search and category-level results
  • Dynamic Merchandising Tools–Recommend related products to all your visitors
  • Dynamic Landing Pages–Build effective landing pages for advertising campaigns
  • Reporting–Focused insights into how visitors use site search
  • Hawk Search Dashboard–Business users can take full control over the Hawk Search experience

Paul Matker, Thanx Media CEO, said “We understand that switching your investment after much time and work can seem daunting, but Thanx Media wants you to know you’re not alone. Our team of experts looks forward to seamlessly upgrading your site search and meeting your team’s expectations. We’re excited about the opportunity to help you move forward with the certainty that your site search is taken care of now and into the future.”

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