Are you currently using Google Optimize as your A/B testing platform? Optimize has been a widely adopted experimentation platform for many reasons. It’s free, relatively easy to implement and use, and enables businesses to test different versions of a page. However, it also comes with limitations such as limits to the number of goals per experiment, reporting that isn’t real-time, and a cap on the number of variables. Recently Google announced that Optimize will be sunset in 2023 and they’ve decided to invest in more effective solutions for their customers.

Learn more about why Google is recommending Optimizely’s Experimentation platform as the best solution:

1. Google is sunsetting Optimize on September 30, 2023

Google Optimize will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Any A/B testing experiments and personalization that are currently active will end on that date. While Google remains committed to enabling businesses with tools and data to understand visitor behavior, they’ve determined that in the best interest of current customers they’ve decided to sunset Optimize. This decision was based largely on the fact that Optimize doesn’t have many of the core features required by businesses to execute A/B testing and personalized experiences. Key differentiators include:

  • Optimizely supports multipage funnel testing.
  • Optimizely offers primary and secondary metrics to measure success rather than being limited to Google Optimize’s objectives
  • Optimizely allows business users to set up as many goals as desired whereas Google Optimize has a limit of three goals per experiment.
  • Optimizely provides real-time data in reports so you don’t have to wait 12 hours to see results and make decisions.

2. Google Recommends Optimizely 

Why is Google recommending Optimizely

In addition to the fact that Optimizely’s Experimentation engine was recognized as Best-in-Class by Forrester, there are multiple reasons to choose Optimizely as your partner to improve the customer journey.

  • Optimizely offers the best Experimentation (A/B testing) platform in the industry. especially when it comes to performance. Get the Forrester Report to learn more about why Optimizely is the best in class.
  • The Optimizely Platform is flexible and fast, no more latency or screen flickering when a test version loads for a visitor.
  • Optimizely can be implemented independently of your Ccommerce platform and integrate seamlessly.
  • Machine learning provides insights into what content is working and delivers the most relevant and successful content to your visitors.

3. Trusted Partners and Global Expertise

There are many reasons Google is recommending the Optimizely Experimentation platform. Among the most important is the network of trusted partners around the world.

  • Proven success with over 1.8M experiments run and $1B in incremental revenue for clients who have partnered with Optmizely.
  • Wherever your business is located Optimzely has one of the largest networks of partners to assist you with launching a new A/B testing platform.
  • Optimizely partners with other leading companies that provide marketing and analytics solutions, check out the Apps and Integrations.

Thanx Media is here to assist you navigate the waters associated with moving from one platform to another for your A/B testing needs. As a Gold partner of Optimizely, we’re here to help.

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