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Since 2007, Thanx Media is an expert in creating effective online shopping experiences that help increase sales and conversions.  Over 500 sites have utilized our strategy services that result in the selection and implementation of industry leading technologies. We aim to provide real solutions that address your needs today and your goals for the future.

Thanx Media Approach

The Thanx Media Approach


Our Solution Consultants start to understand why you are requesting help. This leads to questions such as what metrics are you measured against, what goals are you trying to achieve, and what obstacles are holding you back. We focus on the shopping experience and then tailor a plan for how your organization can achieve these goals.

Our Attract, Engage, and Retain (AER) Framework streamlines this step and helps detail what mix of services are needed.


A proposal is provided to list out what technology needs to be acquired. Our host of technologies provides us flexibility when it comes to licensing options (e.g. SaaS, perpetual, term), delivery options (e.g. on-premise, cloud, hybrid), and other requirements. We also streamline the sales cycle by consolidating multiple vendors, excessive meetings, and varying proposals. We can bundle together proven technology with authority.


The goal is to launch the solution that was licensed. We run simple projects such as installing a point solution within days to complex projects that involved multiple technologies with a proper phased approach. Our level of involvement is tailored to your needs. We have run full turn-key projects all the way to joining a client’s team in midstream.


As technology is enabled, there are management needs on the business side and the technical side. We prepare our clients to manage the technology themselves, but we are always happy to help. On the business side, we can provide analysis of the technology’s impact or even weekly upkeep on keeping business rules fresh. On the technical side, it depends on the solution that is in play. We have provided infrastructure services such as hosting and support all the way to custom development on an monthly basis.


As time advances, we can provide services to help optimize your existing technology. This could be through projects such as site assessments and technical audits. Issues we typically see are clients not taking advantage of new features since they have neglected to keep up with version upgrades. There are also cases when systems aren’t advanced and it may make sense to re-platform or rip and replace your existing solutions.

Overall, our approach has helped us impact our client’s growth over a long period of time regardless of technology. Our focus is making sure you provide a superior shopping experience even though the industry continues to evolve.