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Six 2017 E-commerce Trends to Watch

  It may be too soon to predict where e-commerce¬†is going to go in 2017, especially considering how quickly technology advances are being made...

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Thanx Media is an enterprise technology company delivering cutting edge solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of data by providing automated data collection, product data management, and site search solutions.

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Hawk Search is a feature-rich site search solution designed for companies with catalogs of five million records or less.  Hawk search features include:  Learning Search, AutoComplete, Targeted Merchandising, and Dynamic Landing Pages.
Oracle Endeca
Oracle Endeca is a robust enterprise level search platform offered as a Saas (software as a Service) solution that makes it easy to create a dynamic and powerful customer experience.  The fully managed and hosted environment is comprised of best-of-breed software, hosting, and industry best practices.