Your website is the lifeblood of any organization, or one spoke in the wheel. Redesigning your website is a significant undertaking. It requires designated resources from your business and the help of experts who can provide integrated strategy, design, development, marketing, content, and delivery. Explore the successful steps and common phases of a successful website redesign so you can prepare, set expectations, and avoid common pitfalls.

  • Steps for a Successful Website Re-Design- 
  1. Evaluate current website Analytics and determine if a redesign is necessary.
  2. Assess your competition and set Specific Goals.
  3. Select the right CMS.
  4. Discuss design preferences.
  5. Choose the right digital agency/development partner.

Thanx Media’s  Approach to Website Re-design

  1. Planning and Discovery-Setting the Stage.
  2. Site Strategy– Site Taxonomy and Architecture.
  3. Content Creation-Illuminating the Brand.
  4. Wireframes/Designs– Bringing your vision to Life.
  5. Requirement Documentation- Document all use cases for a successful launch.
  6. Implement the re-design-Development, Testing, and Delivery.
  7. Site Launch-Reaping the rewards.

Thanx Media has helped hundreds of customers in realizing their potential with website changes and redesigns.

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